Conditions for participation

Confirmation of rights and granting of rights (PDF)

Call for entries and promotion

The photography competition will be announced and promoted via various international channels and sponsors. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, other social communities with a connection to photography will be targeted. Training institutions such as universities for fine and applied arts and the photography section at the School of Graphic Design, all based in Vienna, will be requested to promote the competition to their students and faculty. Finally, companies and organisations from the photography sector (The Austrian Federal Guild etc.) will be involved to promote the call in their newsletters.

Registration and conditions for participation

By submitting their entry, all competitors accept the conditions for participation and grant the following rights to the MUVS:
The contest is open to all photographers aged 18 years and above, whether amateurs or professionals, who intend to photographically illustrate the topic above. The contest entry is free. Entrants may only submit pictures for which they own the exclusive copy- right and usage rights. The competition will be announced in German and English and is not bound to geographical borders.

The closing date for entries is midnight, April 14th 2017.

Interested entrants can upload up to three photographs after completing an online registration at When registering and uploading entries, you must enter your name, address, phone number and email address. If uploading more than one photograph, please specify whether they are separate themes or a series. Sub- mission of reproductions is not allowed and will be rejected.

Images that are morally objectionable, discriminatory, ideological, pornographic, violent, or that do not fit the competition topic will not be accepted or admitted for evaluation by the jury.
There is no legal entitlement or award simply for participating in this competition. No correspondence beyond a simple notification about the decision will take place for entries that were not accepted or awarded. Entrants shall not have any legal recourse.

Technical quality of entries

The photographs must be high quality (at least 3,000 x 2,000 pixels), saved as a JPG or JPEG file and upload a file at the online platform Photographs in both portrait and landscape format, as well as in colour and b/w will be accepted.
Details specifying the conception of the submitted photographs are welcome and can be uploaded in PDF format. The maximum file size of 1,000 characters including spaces should not be exceeded.

Requirements for successful upload:
Maximum number of uploads per entrant: 3 photographs

Files to be named as follows:
surname_firstname_1 (sequential series number)
Details on conception (if uploaded) to be named as follows:
surname_firstname_concept (saved as PDF file)

In addition, every entrant shall send a signed Letter of Confirmation that all depicted persons agreed to the participation in this competition, and that he/she owns the exclusive copyright and usage rights which, in the case of winning an award, he/she irrevocably assigns to the MUVS. The Letter of Confirmation form can be downloaded from the website The Letter of Confirmation should be uploaded together with the pictures named as follows: surname_firstname_confirmation (as pdf).

Presentation and exhibition

If the call has been successful and there is a sufficient number of suitable entries, the MUVS Vienna reserves the right to hold an evening event to present the winning photographs and their photographers, as well as the right to hold an exhibition of any suitable photographs submitted (including those that did not win awards). Also, the MUVS may produce an illustrated volume featuring the submitted photographs.

Thus, independently of winning an award, all entrants declare their consent to the MUVS presenting and exhibiting their works, copying and publishing them in a volume, and promoting the exhibition and presentation ceremony. However, the entrants have no legal claim to exhibition, presentation, and/or publishing of the submitted entries.

Selection and awards

The entries will be reviewed and selected by an appointed jury comprising experts from the fields of fine art, photography, journalism, and medicine. The jury will have direct access to the online platform with the submitted entries, and will meet on a designated day to discuss and select the photographs. For the jury’s review, all photographs uploaded by the deadline that meet the criteria for participation and upload requirements will be admitted. The winners will be notified by e-mail as soon as the selection process has concluded.

The number of photographs discussed and selected by the jury depends on the number of suitable entries. The contest closes immediately if no qualifying entry was submitted within the deadline.
At most, three top winners will be awarded a cash prize. However, the jury may suggest that none, one, or two awards/cash prizes be conferred if the jury decides that there are not enough qualifying entries for the award. In such case, the MUVS shall make no use of the images.

If the jury proposes more than three winning photographs, up to 20 non-cash awards are under consideration. However, no legal entitlement shall exist to this effect.
The prizes will be awarded during the exhibition on a date to be determined.
For entrants who may win a non-cash prize, no cash compensation can be claimed. The decision of the jury is final and there is no right of appeal.

Copyright and rights of use

All competitors acknowledge the above conditions for participation and confirm that they are the rightful owners of the photographs submitted, including the copyright and rights of use, and that no rights of third parties are affected by submitting and publishing the photographs in the manner stated above.

When illustrating persons, the participants confirm that no rights to protection of personality, data or one ́s own image (according to § 78 Austrian Copyright Act) have been affected. In particular, persons depicted must have declared their express consent to the submission of the entry in the purpose of an unrestricted and free-of-charge publication.

After the competition, the winning photographs as well as those awarded a non-cash prize will become property of the MUVS Vienna, Museum of Contraception and Abortion. When awarded a cash prize or non-cash prize, all rights to the photographs will be assigned to the MUVS without any restriction in terms of time, substance or territory. Subsequently, the MUVS will make these photographs available for free on the Internet, including on its websites and, to all interested media and publishers for further dissemination in online and print media, either in original form or suitably edited. Distribution in connection with promotion of products by third parties is not included. The entrants, however, should be aware that the photographs may be provided for use on websites that incidentally contain promotion of products or advertisements by sponsors or the like.The MUVS shall publish relevant terms of use for media and publishers on its website, yet by no means assumes responsibility for the respective third party ́s compliance with the above.

Data protection and copyright notice

The data obtained shall remain confidential and will not be passed onto third parties. The winners of the photography competition, including those awarded a non-cash prize, agree that their names will be published by online and print media, including the general copyright notice declaring them as authors of the photographs.


The MUVS kindly invites partners who want to contribute to this fascinating socio-political issue and become sponsors of this photography competition, such as by contributing non-cash prizes or presenting the awards.